Adult Services

At Futures we Provide Choices, Opportunities & Flexible Options for Adults with Disabilities

Futures, Inc. is a proud member of The Arc of Connecticut and a firm supporter of the self – determination movement. Our Adult Services Division provides a unique training and mentoring program that customizes support services to assist individuals with disabilities to enjoy living, growing, and prospering within their communities around Connecticut. Using a person – centered approach and a home – based philosophy, our highly trained and caring professionals design supports to fit the specific preferences, interests and needs of each individual.

What We Do:

  • Work with each individual, their family, friends and supporters to develop a service plan that addresses their preferences, goals and future vision
  • Match each individual with highly qualified and caring professionals who provide the services identified in the individual’s plan
  • Bring our services to the individual assisting them in establishing a life in their own community with a job, activities, friends and a place to call home
  • Provide responsible, reliable transportation
  • Work to establish the trust and stability that comes with a long term relationship

What We Offer:

  • Transitional Support – from school to work or other adult services
  • Employment Services – site development, vocational assessment and job placement, training and advocacy in the workplace
  • Competitive Employment
  • Qualified Partnership – Janitorial employment opportunities
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Access to Community Activities and Resources
  • Clinical Support Services – Behavioral Assessment and Planning
  • Social Skills Training and Recreation Opportunities
  • Family Support Services
  • Multi-Cultural and Bilingual Services
  • Respite Services