Education Services

Futures offers a number of educational services including:

Independent Living Skills/Community Based Programs
Grocery Shopping, banking and bill paying can become manageable and rewarding accomplishments with help from a Futures School Instructor.

Transition Planning & Support Services
As students move on to higher education or into the work force our transition planning and support services play a critical role with positive results. Our counselors work with schools to develop practical Individual Transition Plans (ITP) for students in areas of jobs, community participation and independent living.

Inclusion Support Services
We work closely with school systems to facilitate a smooth transition for students returning to public schools from restrictive or outside placement and offer one-on-one support to students within the district school as needed.

Temporary Education Services
Our custom-designed plans ease the transition back into the educational environment for students who have left school for any reason.

Independent Assessments/Evaluations
As a knowledgeable neutral party, we help families and school systems resolve differing opinions. Working collaboratively with the school, health care professionals and/or other parties, we gather and review the student’s previous assessments and other relevant information. As a clear profile evolves, we design a customized plan and program to meet the student’s unique educational needs.

One of our most valuable services is in-the-moment “counseling” and instruction in important social skills.

Consulting Services/In-Service Training
For Parents Our staff is exceptional, comprising specialists on educational and behavioral issues, brain injuries, autism, cerebral palsy, deafness, emotional issues, intellectual disabilities, and complex assistive technologies. We are here to help guide and support parents and teachers in understanding disabilities and special needs.

For Educators, We provide in-services training programs in effective teaching and research-based educational practices, expertise in the design of goals, setting objectives, and behavioral plans and evaluation of student progress.

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