Good Cause Gifts is a Social Enterprise. What exactly does that mean?
A Social Enterprise is an organization whose goal is to solve community problems through business. It is a hybrid between the traditional for-profit business model and the non-profit model. The core values of social enterprises include: social responsibility, fair and equitable compensation, commitment to local jobs and positive social impact. Balancing people, purpose, place and profits is paramount.

Are the items you sell second hand or crafts made by the individuals you serve? What types of items do you carry?
All items sold at Good Cause Gifts are new. Good Cause Gifts staffs a full time buyer/store manager who searches locally, nationally, and globally for fine gifts, accessories, and fair trade items including local pottery, jewelry, and furniture. Popular brands and items in the store include: UGG Accessories, Stonewall Kitchen products, costume and sterling silver jewelry, scarves, home accessories, and holiday items. Looking for something special? Just ask! If we do not have it we may be able to get it for you.

Where does the revenue from Good Cause Gifts Go?
Revenue generated by Good Cause Gifts is used to support employment opportunities.

Who Can Work at Good Cause Gifts?
Individuals with disabilities who qualify for services and want to work in retail.  Good Cause Gifts also welcomes volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about Good Cause Gifts, Email us at us at goodcausegifts@futures-ct.org.