Futures began in 1989 as a small pilot project at the University of Connecticut. It was here that we were recognized as an organization that was both innovative and advocacy oriented.  In 1997 Futures was incorporated and became an independent 501 (c) 3, providing a range of services to individuals with intellectual and other disabilities including transition planning, employment, independent living, recreation and community volunteerism. In 1997, Futures was the first Connecticut Special Education School to be accredited by the State Department of Education. Futures currently serves Adults in their employment and day service program, students ages 14-21 in their private special education school located in Hartford, Connecticut, and students statewide in their educational tutoring services.

Since our beginning Futures has demonstrated insight and willingness to support individuals and families with disabilities through the work we do. We pride ourselves on being on the” cutting edge” of services and in 2010 established Good Cause Gifts, a social enterprise and retail store. As a social enterprise we are helping to solve community problems through business. Good Cause Gifts is a retail store located in Berlin and Middletown, CT. The store offers job training and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and supports other organizations in the community. The mission of Good Cause Gifts is to help individuals with disabilities live fully integrated lives within their local communities by offering employment, retail training, and community service opportunities. Through these opportunities individuals achieve greater fulfillment and know the satisfaction of personal achievement.

From launching community based situations assessments, community based education, to individualized services and social enterprising; we continue to look for new and innovative ways to support individuals with disabilities many of whom are economically disadvantaged. As a business we are committed finding new and innovative ways to serve the community surrounding us, as a non-profit we are driven by our belief in the right of all people to live life to it’s fullest and know the personal satisfaction of one’ s accomplishments.