Futures School

Futures School serves students 14 – 21 years of age with challenging behaviors and other cognitive or developmental disabilities. We provide a wide range of customized and individualized education, transition and employment services on-site and in communities throughout Connecticut.

Adult Services

Futures Adult Services is proud to provide choices, opportunities and flexible options for adults with disabilities. Each individual is matched with a highly qualified and caring professional who assists them in establishing a life in their own community with a job, activities, friends and a place to call home. A qualified provider for CT Department of Developmental Services (CTDDS), CT Department of Social Services (CTDSS) and CT Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (CTBRS).

Good Cause Gifts

Good Cause Gifts, a model for social enterprise, was founded in 2009 by a dedicated group of parents from Berlin, CT who were seeking ways for their family members with a disability to contribute to their community. Today, Good Cause Gifts employs over 20 individuals with disabilities as sales associates across two attractive gift shop locations.

The Kitchen at Futures Inc.

In the Kitchen at Futures, we believe that learning to craft a beautiful treat requires the same skills needed to craft a rewarding life – a positive attitude, a plan, attention to detail. We hope to increase independent living skills and employment through training in food preparation, safe food handling and food service skills for the individuals we support.

Assisting individuals with disabilities to enjoy living, growing, and prospering in their communities

Futures became the first agency of its kind in Connecticut to develop and implement customized service plans for individuals with disabilities and their families. Our goal is to empower each individual to live life to its fullest and know the satisfaction of personal achievement.

About Futures

Innovative Support Services for Connecticut Individuals and Their Families

We provide a wide range of innovative services to people with disabilities including employment at our social enterprises, educational support, mentoring, transition planning, job training and placement, independent living and recreation and community volunteerism.

What makes Futures Inc. so special?

  • 30

    years as an independent 501(c)3 non-profit in CT

  • 1st

    special education school to be accredited by the Connecticut Department of Education

  • 4

    divisions that together serve students and adults with disabilities

  • 95%

    Futures School graduation rate since inception

  • 1 on 1

    instruction and support in the student’s home community

  • 1000s

    of items available in our Good Cause Gifts social enterprise store

As each year goes by the number of people we support grows!

We have had great comfort these past ten years, in knowing our daughter has been in the hands of staff who are educated, professional and caring and who always have her best interest and well being at heart.  We can’t say enough about the support staff who really are the grunts in the trenches every day, day in and day out, and who do a superb job of helping our daughter succeed and become as independent a young lady as she can be in a safe, happy and rich environment.  Thank you to all of Futures staff for being there every step of the way, and caring as much about our daughter’s future as we, her parents and siblings, do. We look forward to her continuing with Futures in her journey of growth, exploration and pursuit of independence and happiness in life.

P. & P.S., Parents of Futures student

Futures has been key in supporting our daughter to have many normal experiences with her peers both in and out of school, in the workplace, and in the community. They have been exemplary in their professional work ethic in working with us to improve her experiences and her programs every step of the way. The staff and teachers, case managers and consultants have been attentive and supportive to our daughter and family and have always been available to listen to our ideas and concerns. They have always been receptive to meeting with us and discussing our daughter’s programs and open to hearing our views. In fact, we feel that they are a true and integral part of our family.

Parents of student

Our daughter has been a student with Futures since 1999. She began with them in the 5th grade and graduated from her high school in June 2008. She received all of her Carnegie credits in high school and participated in all activities and some sports and clubs. She was a member of her swim team for four years, a member of choir for four years, on the bowling team for two years and she went to two proms, cotillions and ring dances. She was able to participate and succeed in all these areas with support and services in place from Futures. They were there to support her when needed and also to step back to allow her the space and freedom to grow and blossom into a beautiful and charming young woman.

Mother of student

Futures is a good program because it kept my head up during the summer and I say that because the staff at Futures are great people…caring and fun to be around.

D.K., Futures student

One student at his private graduation said, “Thank you all for not giving up on me!” The student overcame many challenges throughout his academic career. And that day he wore his emotions and heart on his sleeve, and was not afraid to express it. He is now thinking of going to a Hartford-area community college.

N.C., Futures staff member

Dave has really benefited from the 1:1 coaching. He has really begun to focus on post secondary possibilities and has visited several places that are possibilities. He just started his vocational program…which he is very thrilled about.

Nancy K., David's Mother

Are you interested in a rewarding career with Futures Inc.?